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Role of waste water treatment plant designers in 21st Century

The world needs more waste water treatment plants. They reduce pollution and contamination with water-borne diseases. The waste water treatment plants designers have the important task to build durable and reliable plants that will ensure a safe future for humans, animals and also for the environment.

A waste water treatment plant is a complex project that needs serious research and knowledge in the field. Sometimes, according to the circumstances, occurs the need of tailor designed waste water plants. The designers for waste water plants are experienced professionals that have extensive knowledge regarding the processes involved in waste water treatment.

The designers for waste water plants have a certain model development in mind when designing a plant. They have to develop a dynamic mathematical pattern for main clarifiers, sludge process and separation of solid and liquid waste.

The waste water treatment plant designers also have to estimate the minimum cost for the design and operation of a waste water plant. The costs will have to include fixed cost, variable costs that may change during the operation and maintenance costs.

All data has to be gathered and intensively analyzed prior to the building of the actual treatment plant.

When it comes to tailor designed waste water plants, the tailor components are most of the time individually analyzed.

The waste water treatment plant designers have to take into account the following key points:

a. Engineering considerations – such as topography, design period or expected flow.

b. Environmental issues – such as coastal water or ground water quality or surface water hydrology and quality.

c. Processes involved – implications as the following: staff, amount of sludge and disposal, performance features or flow characteristics.

d. Total cost of the waste water treatment plant – the overall cost should have a reasonable price.

The objectives of waste water treatment plant designers are to develop a tool that will effectively cleanse sewage and reduce pollution. It has to clean all the contaminants found in black water or grey water and only release or reuse safe water in the environment. On the other hand, the designers for waste water plants have to make sure that they will produce a design that will minimize costs and that they will not only focus on the effectiveness and reliability of the processes but also on its effects on the long term.

Tailor designed waste water plants have to satisfy specific requirements according to the circumstances. They can relate to a certain effluent quality or different physical or biological constrains.

Waste water treatment plant designers aim to develop a plan that is easy to operate, that has a simple treatment process and that requires a low volume of consumables. The quality of effluent has to be as high as possible while the power consumption has to be as low as possible.

Some tailor designed waste water plants use low pressure submerged membranes to boost the power efficiency and thus to save energy. Some plants can be designed with or without vacuum creation. There are tailor designed waste water plants that don’t require dilution water, dechlorination or disinfection during the sewage treatment processes.

Waste water treatment designers, as those who create tailor designed waste water plants, use process methods such as physical or chemical ones. The physical ones can include sedimentation or filtration, while the chemical methods usually imply procedures like oxidation, coagulation or disinfection.

The design of a waste water treatment plant has to be performed only by skillful waste water treatment plant designers as this is a delicate environmental matter that needs to be handled by experienced professionals. The designers for waste water plants have to ensure the best option to protect the environment and the community.


Wettech Africa is a proudly African company specializing in all aspects of waste water treatment and management providing following main services : – Consulting – Design & Implementation – Operational Maintenance.

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