Wastewater Plants Treatment and Management

Wettech Africa is the one stop solution when it comes to waste water treatment. Wettech Africa consists of a dedicated and talented team of members who provide the best solutions for waste water management according to the needs of the client. What makes us different from the rest is that we believe not only in selling products but providing adequate and effective solutions based on situations. Wettech Africa has an extensive range of pumps and blowers and the entire water treatment plant is especially designed to efficiently carry out the waste water treatment.
Our water treatment plant makes use of biofiltration technology to convert waste water into clean water through a scientifically tested method. Our treatment process passes the waste water through a pre-settling chamber where the solid particles or scum is separated from the liquid water. The next step involves removal of all kinds of organic pollutants in the water. The water then passes through few more procedures of clarification before being fit to be reused safely. This highly advanced method of waste water treatment ensures that the discharged water is free from nitrogen and organic pollutants and is thoroughly disinfected.
Wettech Africa takes pride in using used or waste water as a viable raw material to transform it into clean, odorless water through proper waste water management. We serve our clients by providing the best solution for the waste water released from housing complexes, hotels, shopping malls, schools and such other areas. Our special methods of water treatment enable you to reuse the treated waste water for all kinds of purposes. We are happy to be able to serve the needs of our clients while doing our bit for the environment by treating and reusing waste water which not only reduces pollution but also helps to conserve water.