Sewage Treatment Plants

Growth of cities and industries has led to increase sewage discharge that’s gets difficult to tackle. Sewage discharged from urban areas leads to water pollution or land pollution and is a matter of grave concern. The only way to handle sewage in a safe way is sewage treatment. This procedure involves removal of the sludge and treatment of the waste water to make it safe for discharge or reuse.
Wettech Africa has expertise in the proper treatment of sewage and can provide effective solution to sewage released from any residential or commercial area. Clients from all sectors can contact us for help and we would endeavor to serve their needs through scientifically advanced means of sewage treatment. Our talented teams of experts visit the site to properly analyze the situation collect samples and proceed to carry out the operation according to the requirements.
Our methods of treatment of sewage are top notch. Wettech Africa has technologically advanced sewage treatment plants which are equipped to handle sewage in the best way to release fresh, clean water as the final effluent for reuse. Our sewage treatment plants carry out specialized methods of activated sludge treatment where waste water, both from residential as well as industrial areas, pass through several steps of purification. After the removal of solid wastes from the sludge, it goes through various processes like full carbon oxidation, nitrification, de-nitrification and phosphate removal, before the water is finally purified to be made suitable for use. All these procedures remove the solid pollutant debris as well as dissolved ammonia and nitrates from the sewage to achieve absolutely clean, odorless water.
We feel proud about the fact that we are providing a solution to people to effectively handle sludge and sewage in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.