Membrane Technology

Wettech Africa has successfully implemented a Membrane Technology plant in East Africa, using imported flat-sheet ultra filtration membranes from Germany. A quick comparison between these membranes and the more frequently used  capillary (“spaghetti”) membranes shows the following:

    Flat Sheet Membranes

  1. Cleaning is achieved by 1 minute rest periods at 9 minute intervals
  2. Chemical cleaning 2x per annum; no chemicals kept on site
  3. Scouring air provides 40% of plant’s oxygen requirement
  4. Fine screens can be replaced by septic tanks in smaller plants
    Capillary Membranes

  1. Permeate or air back flow required for cleaning
  2. Chemical cleaning daily/weekly; chemicals kept on site
  3. Air blow for scouring is only used for scouring
  4. Fine screens almost always required