Kenchic Hatchery

The Used Water Reclamation Plant (UWRP) at Kenchic Hatchery, Nairobi was designed to treat waste water emanating from a chicken hatchery that was upgraded to generate 105 m3 of effluent per day. The final treated effluent will do no harm to a receiving body of water, can be percolated into the ground without any danger to the underlying groundwater or released to the environment. Alternatively, such reclaimed used water can be used for irrigation purposes on lawns, even close to buildings, or stored for emergency fire control purposes as there will be no odour problems. This would thus provide a significant saving in potable water.

There are few core technologies used in the design of the Kenchic Hatchery plant :

  • We have used Septic tanks which retain solids and fibrous materials which would otherwise require screening at the plant, also achieving 25% COD reduction.
  • Two settling tanks provide solid-liquid separation, with the clear supernatant leaving the system as effluent while the solids/biomass are/is returned to the first aerobic/anoxic reactor.
  • A disinfection unit (UV) will ensure that the final effluent fully complies with environmental regulations.
  • The capacity for this plant is 105 m3 per day.
  • It took us 4 weeks to build this plant after the concrete works had cured.

Key Benefits :

  • The presence of this plant now achieves treatment before discharge, preventing the otherwise release of untreated effluent and thus environmental pollution.




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