Wettech Africa custom designs compact  waste water treatment plants. We offer our clients a wide range of individually optimized solutions to treat and manage your sewage and used water.

At Wettech Africa we understand the need to tailor our solutions to suit your specific needs.

What we believe in : Water Reclamation

Wettech Africa will assist you to spare our limited fresh water supplies by reusing properly treated used water for purposes such as irrigation, water features and even for industrial use.

  •   Reuse treated water
  •   Cost and Energy savings
  •   Environmentally friendly

What we do

Wettech Africa prefers to become involved early in the planning stage.

  • Contribute towards an Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Cover waste and wastewater aspects within the EIA team
  • Prepare Water Quality Management Report, including conceptual design

How we do it

  • Assess status quo  and expected influx
  • Determine standards and conditions (consulting with NEMA or equivalent authorities)
  • Discuss and quantify possible solutions with respect to
    • Seasonality
    • End-use
    • User friendly operation
    • Assist with decision-making process