Cashido Ozone and RO systems for domestic and commercial use just arrived, please call for queries and a DEMO

We believe in treating each client differently.

WETTECH does not only sell a product, we offer a SOLUTION because each CLIENT is DIFFERENT and each SITUATION is UNIQUE.
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This could be an analysis of the status quo – defining the appropriate standards to be achieved, an initial assessment of possible solutions, necessary adjustments or recommendations, including a preliminary costing.

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Design and implementation of recommended solutions or adjustments includes all necessary contacts to and applications with authorities concerned.


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Operational maintenance contracts, including on-site training of daily operational staff, visits to the site at regular intervals, sample analysis, adjustment of operational parameters, if necessary, and communication to the authorities

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DSP Small Wastewater Treatment Plants

DSP plants combine the best elements of anaerobic and aerobic digestion to provide superior wastewater treatment.

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